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Fabric type

hemp jersey fabric HCSJ003


53%hemp/42%organic cotton/5%spandex



Full/Usable Width





natural hemp Yoga pants, t shirt ,eco-friendly Garment ...


natural, breathable,Excellent moisture,comfortable


500 meters for one color.





Production time

35-40DAYS after color confirmed



Payment term

50%payment in advance and balance to be paid after production and inspection finished before shipment.


Shipment by Sea, by Air or Courier of DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT..



Hemp fabrics are with the characters:

1) The natural antibacterial health care function.

2) Excellent moisture absorption and Ventilation.

3) Good soft and comfortable feel.

4) The excellent anti ultraviolet radiation.

5) Excellent antistatic performance.

6) Outstanding heat resistance,light fashness and corrosion resistance.

7) Unique silencing wave and sound absorption,smell and poision gas adsorption.

8) Green enviroment ental protection.

Hemp jersey fabric for 55%hemp 45%organic cotton 180gsm widly used for natural hemp t shirt ,eco-friendly Garment ...

We can dye any customized color on pantone card base on MOQ 500Meters in one color. 

Cold soak, 

Machine cold wash, 

Tumble dry, 

Do not use detergent with Enzymes or bleach Liquid detergent.


Liahren is the leading supplier of eco-friendly textiles located in China since 2008.
liahren have professional products design and development team also quality control team to guarantee the high-level products quality.

Liahren is the leading creator of eco-friendly textiles and fashion trends. we can well control the bamboo characters to guarantee the high level and stable products quality. 

liahren products are with premium quality and welcomed by markets of CHINA, USA, CANADA, EU, ENGLAND, SINGPORE, THAILAND, AUSTRALIA... we supply many big brands on Amazon, Alibaba... 

Products design and development: Liahren have professional products development and design team for new products development and new design to meet and lead the markets trends.

Strict high quality control: liahren always control the products quality strictly and not allow any second level products to enter the markets to break liahren brand which liahren are always proud of.
Professional and rich experience: liahren built in 2008 are with rich experience in bamboo products design, development and production control. we are well-known and professional on all the bamboo textile industry from bamboo material to bamboo fiber to bamboo finished products in a closed loop production line. We well control the bamboo fiber products production lines to guarantee products premium quality and very competitive.
Eco-friendly production lines: Liahren bamboo products are eco-friendly and from the advanced closed loop production line to guarantee the products eco-friendly and high quality.

Production capacity: Liahren have big and stable capacity to guarantee the stable supply with high level quality and professional service. 
Liahren service: Liahren have the professional development, sales and service team to supply the high level quality products and professional service. Liahren guarantee the products quality and after-sales service.

1. When Liahren was founded? What products liahren supply? 
Liahren is founded in 2008 as the leading supplier of eco-friendly textiles located in China. products include eco-friendly fabrics, tshirt, underwear, socks, baby products, towels, blanket, bedding
…customized production. 
2. Liahren can make OEM & ODM production, customized logo /label on products? Can you make customized package? 
Yes, liahren can make customized new composition fabrics, design, color, OEM & ODM, customized logo, label and package. 

3. Liahren products are eco-friendly?
Yes, we mainly make eco-friendly textiles such as bamboo fiber, hemp fiber, organic cotton, milk fiber, modal fiber, tencel fiber, rose fiber, tea fiber, mint fiber
…new developed eco-friendly textile products.

4. Liahren have any certificate or test report?
Yes, commonly we make products test with third party lab certified and the test will be for composition test, functions test, safe test

5. liahren can provide sample and make customized sample? 
Liahren can offer free sample with our regular products designs which we have stock. We also can make customized sample as per your design or idea. 
6. Do you have some stock items?
Yes, liahren have some regular products and most time we have on production or stock for ready to ship fast supply. it can be low MOQ and fast delivery.

7. What bamboo can be used to make bamboo fiber products?

The raw material bamboo is well-selected from non-polluted region in SICHUAN Province, China. They are all 2-3 years old new bamboo, good character and ideal temper. The bamboo kind is a kind bamboo rich located in china called CIZHU bamboo, which contain high bamboo cellulose and CIZHU is the best bamboo for bamboo fibers production. 

8.Bamboo are organic certified?
Yes, raw bamboo are organic certified. 

9. Where is the bamboo grown?
Bamboos are from Sichuan province. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world, bamboo grows very fast which make the bamboo plant recycle material. One third of the bamboo all over the world live in China. Sichuan is located mid china with most suitable climate for the bamboo plant. There are bamboos all over in Sichuan province. Bamboo is widely-growing and harvested from wild farms well managed.

10. What dyes stuff is used in production? Can you make natural white or beached white? 
We use reactive color dyeing material in all our products which are eco-friendly and safe. We also make natural white or bleached white. 

11.What is doing to reduce its environmental impact as a textile company? Is the process a closed loop system? are the chemicals used in production reused or released into the environment / drain / regarded as waste? 
Bamboo fiber production lines are closed loop production system. The production lines have recycle dealing system for environmental protection.
Please see the bamboo fiber products production introduction video, the bamboo fiber production are eco-friendly and safe certified. 

12.Do the working conditions at liahren comply with all required regulations and laws
(including but not limited to wage, working hours, anti-discrimination, leave, termination, complaints, age, sex, race, disability, religion etc)?
Liahren was founded in 2008 and liahren have been a modern enterprise with perfect organizational structure with high speed development. We have core socialist values of prosperity, democracy, civility, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, the rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity and friendship in liahren growth and we have strict law and kind enterprise culture for employees' rights. they are our business foundation.

13.What safety regulation do you have? Included for workers in all areas (included but not limited to chemical handling and management, heavy lifting, training, PPE (personal protective equipment))

Factory have professional enterprise management on the production, packing, stock and shipment. we have strict safe protection as regular training every season for Fire Protection and PPE.

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